New Industrial Off-Road Fire Truck "TIGON"

This new Off-road Fire Truck “TIGON” is combining the unique Tatra chassis technology (8x8 all-wheel drive, air suspension, central backbone tube, etc.) with a high performance Rosenbauer Fire-Fighting Superstructure (12.500 l water/foam Tank, 500 kg dry chemical powder installation, Hydromatic balanced pressure foam proportioning system with a pump output of up to 9000 lpm, pump & roll ability and 2 water/foam turrets, etc.).

The “TIGON” can protect both the industrial installations and the air strips of the exploration sites as well.

For more details please refer to the attached PDF document ULF107.

The “TIGON” will demonstrate its superior performance on August 29 and 30, 2018, at the Rosenbauer premises and an off-road test track near Linz, in the presence of high ranking delegates from most of the Libyan NOC companies.